Days and Calendar

General passing of time

As a day in Ahketun tends to last about twenty four hours, even if not known by that term, a year or cycle, as it is known in Ahketun, has 365 days, spread across  the three seasons of the Duat.

Month Season
  1. Toth
  2. Paophi
  3. Athyr
    4. Choiak
Season of the flood

5. Tybi
6. Mechir
7. Phamenoth
8. Parmuthi

Season of the growth

  9. Pachons
10. Payni
11. Epiphi
12. Mesore

Season of low water

The years are currently counted starting at the rise of the stele of law, a stone obelisk in the center of Ptha'Ahket, on which the use of writing was implemented for the public for the first time. Stating the laws that the council had deemed to be for all Ahketti. This would make it the year 121 of the Monolith.

Days of the week

Bheksetos Monday
Mathitos Tuesday
Be-ehksos Wednesday
Vòthtos Thursday
Tothisos Friday
Sne'eksos Saturday
Ârebsos Sunday


Days and Calendar

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