About the sun, the moon and the stars

The moons

Iah and Luah, the red and the blue, the night sky sisters. The heavens above Ahketun is inhabited by two moons while the night shrouds it's lands, one with a blueish hue, Huah and one with a redish hue, Iah.
They tend to move together across the nightsky, and the seem to circle around one another over the course of months, waning and waxing almost synchronically.

The stars

At night the skies are filled with an endless amount of stars,  these are said to divine the future, as some seers tend to read from them. Wether this is true however, has not been proven. House Fayathi tends to scoff at this form of divination, even though some priests take to the practice as well. They do however recognize eleven constellations, by which they have also recorded a navigation technique, to be able to traverse the expansive desert sands at night.

The sun

the sun disc of Âreb, the light of life and prosperity. It's the sun, it gives life to the day and to the crops, what more can be said?

About the sun, the moon and the stars

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